Sunday, July 30, 2006

Vicksburg Street

Like Fair Oaks and Chatanoonga, Vicksburg was named when Civil War battles were still fresh in the memory.

At 5 blocks in length, Vicksburg is just at the outer limits of Little Streets, but it's not a thoroughfare to anywhere, and anyway, I just like it.

For my favorite bit, turn uphill from 24th St. (Noe Valley's main drag) at the corner with the Phoenix Bookstore, and continue one short block till you get past Elizabeth--you won't notice the hill, as you'll be stopping so frequently to ooh and ahh. When you reach the top (actually the beginning) of Vicksburg, peek downhill on 22nd Street – one of the city of hills’ steepest paved hills (over 30% grade, or so they say). Climb the sidewalk-stairs down to Church Street for the views, climb back up to Vicksburg for a short aerobic workout.


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